Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Global warming in the Gulf of Finland - Russia sends nuclear icebreaker

Al Gore and his alarmist friends insist that cold winters are caused by global warming. Well, global warming really seems to have taken hold of the the Gulf of Finland, if we are to believe the countries largest newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat:

Russian nuclear icebreaker races to help in Gulf of Finland

A Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker is on its way from Murmansk to the Gulf of Finland to help ships that are stuck in the ice there, says Atomflot, which administers Russia’s nuclear icebreakers.

According to the Russian Ministry of Transport, 67 ships were waiting for the help of icebreakers in the eastern Gulf of Finland on Monday.
Twelve icebreakers were trying to assist them, but the ice conditions were too difficult.
The ice situation off St. Petersburg has been severe from the beginning of February, with pack ice up to a metre thick.

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