Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Proof of global warming

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This has to be the definitive proof that global warming is happening: Thanks to milder winters (global warming), there are now more brown owls - and less grey ones - in Finland, reports Eli Rosenberg in the Atlantic Wire:

 there are those who have their own research and data to suggest global warming is not really happening.

BBC today has a much simpler example of how global warming is not only apparent, but visible to the naked, unscientifically-inclined eye: tawny owls are turning brown as a result of a warming climate, according to scientists in Finland. A study carried out over thirty years and published recently in the journal Nature Communications showed that while grey tawny owls had higher survival rates in colder environments, brown owls were becoming more common. Dr. Patrik Karell from the University of Helsink, the leader of the journal study, tells the BBC that they've gone from around 30 percent of the tawny population in Finland to around 50 percent, despite the fact that the grey color trait is the dominant gene when mixed.
And even as winters are getting colder again, that is, as alarmists tell us, of course also due to global warming. So, in a future scientific study, a decreasing number of brown owls must also be a sign of global warming ....

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