Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The UN´s abysmal track record on Libya

Andrew Bolt looks at the UN´s pandering to madman Gaddafi:

First, Libya was last year elected onto the United Nations Human Rights Council -- the UN's highest human rights body -- by 155 of the 192 members, just a month before Freedom House listed it alongside North Korea as one of nine countries with the "worst human rights conditions" in the world.
Second, this UN Human Rights Council had the hide last month to subject Australia to a "peer review" of our own human rights record, when its members included not just Libya but China, Cuba, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, which is now also shooting its own pro-democracy protesters. These, our UN "peers"?
Third, the UN had Libya elected chairman of the organising committee for its 2009 Conference on Racism.
Once again Libya was allowed to pose as a great moral guide of the UN -- while actually turning the event into another festival of anti-Israel hate.
Fourth, the UN made Gaddafi's daughter Aisha a "Goodwill Ambassador" for its development program, despite her family's thievery of Libya's wealth, her endorsement of the IRA and her work on the defence team of Iraq's genocidal leader, Saddam Hussein, whom she called "an elected president who was wrongly hung".

Read the entire article in the Herald Sun here.

The UN Security Council is supposed to meet in order to discuss the situation in Libya. It is not likely that the council will act forcefully, as it should.

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