Friday, 27 May 2011

Celebrating the variety of EU funding (by taxpayers): An urban parade laboratory

The scale and variety of European Union taxpayer funded projects is mindboggling. Regrettably the taxpayers themselves often do not seem to be aware of the richness on offer. This blog wants to make a small contribution towards redressing the problem by highlighting some of the past and present taxpayer funded EU projects.

The first one in this new series is a cultural project:

An urban
parade laboratory

Cultural organisations in the cities
of Belfast, Bologna, and Brussels
worked together during two years
to share and develop their reflections
and skills in carnival and
festival parades.

Myriam Stoffen, the lead organiser, who works with Zinneke in Bussels,
explains how the project brought new visions to the participants:
‘For all of us, organisations, artists, participants, this was a fascinating and
enriching project, full of passion.

More information here

These videos show "higlights" of the project, which EU taxpayers funded with 100 000 euros:  

The videos, which alse were part of the project, were called "Why, why, why not?!" A fitting name - without the not.  A free tip to the organisers of the next Urban Parade Laboratory: Adding the words "climate change" to the grant application will guarantee you at least double EU funding, probably more!

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