Thursday, 26 May 2011

Shale gas revolution: EU spokesman in Moscow sides with Gazprom

Shale gas is going to be a game changer in  European energy politics. The shale gas revolution will end the Russian strangehold on European gas markets. Countries like Poland and Ukraine will never more be dependent on Russian gas.

That is why Poland´s prime minister Donald Tusk and his government are pushing hard to speed up the process:
“I will be engaging myself personally, as the head of the Polish government, in the optimization of conditions for the exploration, research, logistics and the business related to the production of shale gas,”  “It may happen that one of the fruits of this debate will be what’s priceless: a feeling of security and a hope for the future for millions of people….Poles are waiting for this gas.”

Shale gas will also be one of the priorities during the Polish EU presidency during the second half of this year:

Needless to say, Russia and its energy giant Gazprom are - and should be - worried. Its highly paid lobbyists are now working full time in order to put a stop to the European shale gas revolution. Gazprom has e.g. been looking at ways to help to promote the anti-shale film Gasland in Europe.

However, it is clear that Gazprom is not going to succeed, in spite of the fact that France has now made the incredibly stupid decision to ban shale gas exploration.

In a way one can understand that the Russians are trying to lobby against shale gas. But it is more difficult to understand why European Union officials should join them and work against the Polish plans to make shale gas a presidency priority. This is what the spokesman for the European Delegation to Russia
told the Moscow News:

Denis Daniilidis, spokesman for the European Delegation to Moscow, said there was a lack of conviction that shale gas will substantially alter the EU's energy relationship with Moscow.

"We do not share initial enthusiasm that this will bring about sweeping changes," he told The Moscow Times.

One can only wonder, who does this spokesman (Head of the Press and Information Section at the EU Delegation to Russia) think he is? Who has authorized him to speak for the EU on the future of shale gas in Europe? With "we", does he mean e.g. Van Rompuy, Barroso, Baroness Ashton, the European Council, or who? 

Mr. Daniilidis should concentrate on things he has some knowledge about:

(Kazan, 18 March, “Tatar-inform”, Zilya Tyamaeva). On March 26 the gastronomic festival “Taste Europe!” will be held in “Farfor” restaurant (hotel “Korston”). The gastronomic festival is organized in show format: son et lumière, excellent acoustic sound and set of DJ Redisco.
Later on, the head of press and information section of the Delegation of the EU to Russia – Denis Daniilidis will prepare traditional Greek meal - Taramasalata.

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