Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The arrogance of former maoist José Manuel Barroso

EU Commission President, former Portuguese maoist José Manuel Barroso is living proof of the mindboggling arrogance of the Brussels grandees. This is what he today had to say about the worries of foreign airlines, who are opposing plans to force them to participate in the costly and useless EU Emissions Trading Scheme:  

Barroso also said the European Commission had no intention of revising the plan to include foreign airlines in its Emissions Trading Scheme despite threats it could spark a trade war with China and others.
"We certainly don't have the intention to revise a very important directive," he said, although Barroso added that the EU will listen to the concerns of the industry.

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So speaks the unelected leader of an "empire". His Majesty must have been in a good mood today;  he was prepared to "listen to the concerns of the industry" - although at the same time letting it be known that the listening of course would not lead to any change of policy.

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