Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Global warming quiz - guess who is financing leading climate alarmist site?

Here is a quiz for you:

Take a look at the link list below. Then try to guess where it comes from.

a)     Greenpeace
b)      Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
c)      World Wildlife Foundation
d)      Al
e)      Voice of America

US Extreme Weather Consistent With Climate Change

Climate Change Already Reducing Crop Yields

Researchers Try to Help Prevent Climate Change Conflict

Climate Change: New Report Outlines How Africa Can Adapt

Money Key To Tackling Climate Change

Climate Change Conference Focuses on Energy for Poor Nations

Africa to Seek Billions in Climate Change Compensation

Experts Probe Urban Growth, Climate Change Links in Africa

West Africa Explores Ways to Mitigate Climate Change's Effects

Climate Change Impacts India's Tea-Growing Region

UN Climate Experts in Australia to Finalize Landmark Report

Climate Change Threatens Heat-Intolerant Species

Climate Change Debate Continues for Scientists, Politicians, News Media

Sinking Island Highlights Effects of Climate Change

Colombian Scientists Predict Climate Change to Affect Most Food Crops

Snow Sparks Climate Change Debate in US

Mummified Forest Reveals Clues About Climate Change

Rising Sea Levels Threaten Island Nations

UN says Climate Change Hurting African Women

Arctic Ice Melting Faster Than Predicted

Australians Face Climate Change Relocation

Experts Warn Climate Change Could Cause Health Disaster in Africa

Oxfam: More Funds Needed if Climate Change Conference to Succeed

WFP Says Climate Change Increasing World Hunger

New Report Says Climate Change Irreversible for Next 1,000 Years

Climate Change Poses Serious Threat to Oysters

'State of the Planet' Summit Concludes Climate Change Causes Poverty

Experts Say Climate Change Drives Migration in Sub-Saharan Africa

Thousands in Australia Rally to Urge Greater Environmental Protection

EU Unveils New Plan Against Climate Change

Climate Change Drives Rare Turtles From Breeding Grounds

Climate Change Threatens Livelihoods

Gore Pushes Congress to Take Action on Climate Change

Leading Scientist Says Climate Change Increases Poverty and Hunger

Kenya Experiencing the Effects of Deforestation, Climate Change

Time-Lapse Photos Capture Disappearing World

Red Cross Says Climate Change One of Greatest Threats Facing Humanity

US Government Scientists Call For Urgent Action on Global Warming

Climate Change Threatens World Food Production, Says New Study

WHO Warns Climate Change Endangers Human Health

US Tornado Season May Be Costliest Ever

International Youth Day Focuses on Climate Change in Somalia

Copenhagen Climate Summit Ends with Meaningful First Step Deal

Brazil's President Calls for Action on Climate Change, Fighting Poverty

UN Report Links Reproductive Rights and Education With Climate Change

UN Secretary-General Issues Stark Warning On Climate Change

Best-Selling Environmental Writer Turns Words into Action on Climate Change

UN Chief Says All Countries Should Take Responsibility for Climate Change

UK Group: Limiting Population Growth Can Solve Climate Change Problem

Dwindling West African Rainforest Threatens Long-Term Food Security

UN Report Calls for More Funds to Combat Global Warming

Report: 75 Percent of World's Coral Reefs Threatened

Film About Sinking Island Nominated for Oscar

Commonwealth Leaders Agree to Help Poor Countries Deal With Impact of Climate Change

Species Loss Compromises Earth’s Vital Systems

Al Gore Warns Australia to Expect More Severe Bushfire

Environmental Groups Blast G20 Summit

Australian Green Party Anticipates Historic Election Breakthrough

Yes, the home of the list is Voice of America. If you search the VOA site using the search phrase "climate change", you will get links to about 6400 VOA stories, out of which about 98% could as well be from any of the other sites mentioned in the "quiz"! 

And who is sponsoring this propaganda arm of the climate alarmist movement?:

The Voice of America is fully funded by the U.S. taxpayer. Congress appropriates funds annually. VOA's FY 2010 budget estimate was $206.5 million.



The VOA also has an extensive collection of climate alarmist videos.
Here is one of the latest:

The US taxpayer funded video discusses e.g. this question of great importance: "If an island nation is submerged beneath the ocean, does it maintain its membership in the United Nations" !

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