Wednesday, 8 June 2011

"Barroso´s question time"

Honor Mahony, editor of the EUobserver has attended Jose Manuel Barroso´s question time in the EU Parliament:

To all those of you thrown by that occasional out of left field question – to which you have no idea what the answer is – there is a stock response. It comes courtesy of Jose Manuel Barroso, European Commission President.
“What we are going to do is: we’ll come up with a position at the end of this month for the financial perspectives, including for *culture. And of course obviously we will be making some thoroughgoing proposals for the future, with some rationalization of instruments while at the same guaranteeing the ambitions of the programmes (…)”
Look: All these words on piled up on top of one another and they still don’t mean anything.

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No wonder that the unelected EU Commission President earns more than Barack Obama. Only a few people master the art of speaking convincingly withour actually saying anything ....

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