Saturday, 13 August 2011

Australian climate lunacy: 10 billion will die this century due to global warming!

Two of the world´s most extreme global warming doomsday prophets, James "Gaia" Lovelock and Kevin Anderson (head of the UK Tyndall Centre for Climate Change) have at least one ardent follower. The Australian scientist Gideon Polya ("I am a five-decade career scientist and teach science students at a major Australian university") has made the following detailed "Climate Genocide" compilation based on Lovelock´s and Anderson´s "estimates":

Both Dr James Lovelock FRS (Gaia hypothesis) and Professor Kevin Anderson ( Director, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, University of Manchester, UK) have recently estimated that only about 0.5 billion people will survive this century due to unaddressed, man-made global warming. Noting that the world population is expected to reach 9.5 billion by 2050, these estimates translate to a Climate Genocide involving deaths of about 10 billion people this century, mostly non-Europeans, this including about 6 billion under-5 year old infants, 3 billion Muslims in a terminal Muslim Holocaust, 2 billion Indians, 1.3 billion non-Arab Africans, 0.5 billion Bengalis, 0.3 billion Pakistanis and 0.3 billion Bangladeshis. Already 18 million people die avoidably every year in Developing countries (minus China) due to deprivation and deprivation-exacerbated disease and man-made global warming is already clearly worsening this global avoidable mortality holocaust. However 10 billion avoidable deaths due to global warming this century will yield an average global annual avoidable death rate of 100 million per year

Where does your country come in this “years left until zero emissions” analysis? The World will have to take action against the more notorious climate criminal and climate racist countries such as Australia through Sanctions, Boycotts, Sporting Boycotts (as were successfully applied to Apartheid South Africa through exclusion from the Olympic Games and other events), Green Tariffs, International Court of Justice litigations and International Criminal Court prosecutions. Indeed I have sent a formal complaint to  the International Criminal Court over Australia’s complicit in ongoing genocidal atrocities (see “9 January 2010 Formal Complaint by Dr Gideon Polya to the International Criminal Court (ICC) re US Alliance Palestinian, Iraqi,  Afghan, Muslim, Aboriginal, Biofuel and Climate Genocides.”). 
The World is badly running out of time to deal with man-made climate change.

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It appears that Polya until recently has been a member of the senior staff of the Biochemistry department of the La Trobe University. There is still a university webpage interview with him, which includes the following characterization:

Gideon is the closest to the image of a 'zany scientist' of any of the Biochemistry senior staff. He's an interesting person who loves a chat about almost any topic - but Jane Austen and historical politics are special favourites.

It certainly must have been a uplifting experience for Dr. Polya´s students to have lovely "chats" with him e.g. about the 10 billion "Climate Genocide", the 3 billion "Muslim Holocaust" or  "Australia’s complicit in ongoing genocidal atrocities".  

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A K Haart said...

"I am a five-decade career scientist and teach science students at a major Australian university"

In other words he can make all kinds of extreme long-term predictions knowing the chickens will never come home to roost.