Friday, 12 August 2011

Kite propulsion for cargo ships - could save fuel and reduce real pollution

This blog has - for obvious reasons - been critical of most "green" solutions for transportation, mainly because they are expensive and they do not deliver what they promise to deliver (e.g. battery or solar powered cars). However, if an invention actually works, saves fuel and is good for the environment
- meaning that it reduces real pollution (not CO2, which is not a pollutant) - then it deserves to be looked into.

This German invention, which promises to reduce real pollution and fuel costs for ships, could very well be a success in the near future:

In another video the founder of the SkySails system, Stephen Wrage - not surprisingly - mentions the shipping industry´s alleged contribution to "global warming". However, that should be seen more as a sales argument in line with the current climate orthodoxy. It does not change the fact that his invention actually could be useful in the real world of  future shipping.

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