Sunday, 7 August 2011

"There are no future events on the Al Gore schedule"

"There are no future events on the Al Gore schedule"
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This morning I had a look at the site Eventful , "a leading digital service connecting consumers with entertainment and live events". Eventful offers excellent information about thousands of concerts and other events worldwide. However, what made me particularly happy, was this event information:

"There are no future events on the Al Gore schedule"

If nothing else, this must be a good omen of things to come.

Although it is difficult to believe, there still seem to be a number of companies and organizations - fewer than before - who are willing to pay hoaxter Gore $100,000-150,000 for his standard global warming scaremongering appearance. First-class airfare, a car service, accommodations and meals for Gore and an adviser are additional.

During these days of financial and economic crisis, when every dollar counts, the public should know which companies and organizations have chosen to use their money to pay hoaxter Gore for his dubious services.

This list - more properly it should be called a "hall of shame" - is available on Gore´s agent´s website:

Congressional Youth Leadership Council
The Ganley Group of Companies
British American Business Council in the Midlands
FORM Perth

Not exactly the most illustrious and exciting companies and organizations on the Gore customer list. However, people should think twice before using the services of these companies and organizations which have agreed  to finance Al Gore´s luxurious mansions and lifestyle.

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