Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Greenpeace looses battle: The Danish government opens up Greenland for drilling -

Kumi Naidoo´s stupid stunt in Greenland was an enormous waste of time and money. The only thing it achieved, was a huge carbon footprint.

The Danish government definitively has put a stop to the desperate attempts by Kumi Naidoo and his fellow Greenpeace alarmists to deny the people of Greenland the right to exploit their natural resources:

Denmark this week launched its first formal strategy for the Arctic region, a plan intended to facilitate private investment and help international companies enter the far north as the ice melts and vast natural resources become accessible, the country's foreign minister said in an interview.
The Arctic, which covers more than a sixth of the Earth's landmass, plus the vast Arctic Ocean, has long been treated as a highly fragile ecosystem that must be protected against commercial exploitation. Denmark's new strategy marks a shift in priority to focus on economic development and improving the living standards of local people, Lene Espersen told The Wall Street Journal.
"Previously, the discussion about the Arctic region has focused on the environment, on whether we oughtn't to turn the region into one large natural preserve. But Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands have agreed that we want to utilize the commercial and economic potential of the area," Ms. Espersen said.
Environmentalists and nongovernmental organizations have traditionally opposed industrial development in the Arctic, and in June, Greenpeace activists boarded an oil rig belonging to Britain's Cairn Energy in an unsuccessful attempt to block the first oil exploration drilling in offshore Greenland. But the government of Greenland, which, like the Faroe Islands, is a largely autonomous entity under the Danish throne, maintains that its people have the right to benefit from the riches of its land and waters. The new strategy makes this position Denmark's official stance.
"With the new strategy we are opening up for international corporations from the whole world to come to the Arctic and to Greenland. The signal we are sending is that we will welcome them with open arms, we are not nervous, we are not afraid of letting industry into the area," Ms. Espersen said, adding that all investments will be subject to strict environmental regulation.

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The greenies are of course whining, but who cares. If  Naidoo and his friends once more try entering Greenland, they will most certainly again be deported.


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