Tuesday, 23 August 2011

"Is the snowblower ready to go?" - Severe winter forecast for the US and Canada

Get prepared for another severe winter in the US and Canada:

Long-term forecasts are suggesting that the coming winter could be colder than usual, and have more snow than normal. Exacta Weather are predicting a cold winter this year. “Large parts of Central and North America will face prolonged periods of below average temperatures with above average snowfall throughout this winter, with many Eastern and Western parts also facing periods of below average temperatures with above average snowfall amounts.
“We expect North America and the Pacific Northwest region to experience a very severe winter, the Cascades snowpack is likely to see increased levels due to the negative (cold) phase of PDO. Our weather models are also showing an increased likelihood for major snow events in Northeastern and Midwestern parts of the US throughout December 2011 and January 2012, that could see severe blizzard conditions hit New York City and Chicago.

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“With low solar activity levels, changes to the Gulf Stream, the negative Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), and the general trend for a much colder winter after the onset of last year’s La Niña, this winter could prove to be a record breaker with extremely cold temperatures and exceptional levels of snow for many parts of the US”.
“I fully expect many parts of the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada to experience a particularly harsh winter this year with copious amounts of snow,” stated Madden.
That might mean a great ski season for skiers. But also may mean now is the time to get your planning for winter started. Is the snowblower ready to go? Are your snow tires ready?

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It looks like Europe - or at least the UK and Ireland - also are in for a cold winter:

Yet another long range forecasting agency has pinned its colours to the mast by predicting a colder than average winter 2011-12 across Ireland and the United Kingdom.
UK-based Positive Weather Solutions says the winter months will be colder than average everywhere and that some regions will experience significantly colder than average temperatures between December and March.
The agency, which has a relatively high success rate in its long range weather predictions, has also given a 36% chance of the Ireland and Britain experiencing a White Christmas. This prediction in reflected in the latest odds from Paddy Power Bookmakers who on Sunday shortened their odds of snow falling on Christmas Day to 11/4 in in London and 7/2 in Dublin.
The chilly outlook follows six weeks after another UK-based long range weather forecaster, also issued a severe winter weather warning. James Madden from weather organisation Exacta Weather is once again forecasting record breaking snowfall and freezing temperatures during November, December and January.

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If the winter weather forecasts turn out to be true, be prepared once more to hear climate alarmists explain that it is all due to global warming.  

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I wonder what the Met Office prediction will be? Time to sell it off I'd say.