Friday, 23 September 2011

European Union "president" van Rompuy misinforms the UN about the EU´s role in Libya

The unelected "president" brags about the EU as "fatherland of democracy"!

The unelected European Union "president" Herman van Rompuy used his opportunity to speak at the UN General Assembly to brag and misinform about the EU´s role in the liberation of Libya:

"When, earlier this year, there was the risk of a bloodbath in Benghazi, European leaders, together with others, acted with swiftness and determination," he added. "You can rest assured that Europe will remain engaged together with you to create a world of peace and security, to promote universal values of human rights and democracy and to combat famine and poverty."

The EU Observer´s Andrew Rettman rightly points out what really happened:

The speech glosses over the fact EU countries cozied up to Arab dictators for decades for the sake of oil and security - Van Rompuy's staff before the summer quietly removed a framed picture of Gaddafi from his EU headquarters in Brussels. It also glosses over that Germany did not back Nato air strikes in Libya and that the EU's only military contribution, the so-called Eufor aid mission, was rejected by the UN.

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van Rompuy, who addressed the General Assembly for the first time as the EU´s top official, also tried to give the impression that he is one of the world leaders (which he is not):

"This institutional innovation gives our union more continuity and consistency vis-a-vis other world leaders."

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