Saturday, 24 September 2011

Vladmir Putin´s KGB/Stasi style welcome to British and US diplomats in Moscow

KGB/FSB is alive and kicking in Moscow

Obama´s reset partner and David Cameron´s recent discussion partner in Moscow, former second rate KGB spy Vladimir Putin - soon to be "elected" president again - probably is proud of the kind of welcome offered to Brítish and American diplomats in Moscow:

Russia's spy agency is waging a massive undercover campaign of harassment against British and American diplomats, as well as other targets, using deniable "psychological" techniques developed by the KGB, a new book reveals.
The federal security service (FSB) operation involves breaking into the private homes of western diplomats – a method the US state department describes as "home intrusions". Typically the agents move around personal items, open windows and set alarms in an attempt to demoralise and intimidate their targets.
The FSB operation includes the bugging of private apartments, widespread phone tapping, physical surveillance, and email interception. Its victims include local Russian staff working for western embassies, opposition activists, human rights workers and journalists.
The clandestine campaign is revealed in Mafia State, a book by the Guardian's former Moscow correspondent Luke Harding, serialised in Saturday's Weekend magazine.
The British and American governments are acutely aware of the FSB's campaign of intimidation. But neither has publicly complained about these demonstrative "counter-intelligence" measures, for fear of further straining already difficult relations with Vladmir Putin's resurgent regime. Putin, a former KGB lieutenant colonel, was head of the FSB.

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Florin Cosma said...

I think is great that Russia is back on her feet. Personally I would like to see every nation enjoying a time of progress, and yes, I believe that what is happening in Russia is progress, not every nation can be a "true" democracy.

NNoN said...

Dear Florin,

I am afraid that only the corrupted thugs and oligarchs are "back on her feet" in Russia. I also realize that perfect democracy is not possible to bring about after so many years of communist rule, but surely the Russian people would deserve something better than Putin and Medvedev.