Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Pachauri: "Critical voices are also needed"

R.K. Pachauri has shown signs of  a new kind of humility on a recent visit to Finland. He even admits that "One cannot succeed every time" and that "Critical voices are also needed, and we are pleased to receive all new information."

Rajendra Pachauri, the brown-eyed, black-bearded, and black-haired Chair of the IPCC, said to Helsingin
Sanomat that he works every day, every month, all year round, without any holidays.
He has a permanent guilty conscience about not having enough time for his family in India.
Do you get enough rest?
”No”, he laughed. ”I sleep way too little.”

What is your most important task as the Chair of the IPCC?
”I am supposed to find the world’s best scientists and to persuade them to work for the IPCC. Managing the panel in practice is challenging work, too.”

The credibility of your organisation has been put to the test. How have you felt about this?
”We are speaking about multi-layer scientific research. One cannot succeed every time. Critical voices are also needed, and we are pleased to receive all new information. Basically, one has to bear in mind that the employers of the IPCC are the governments that assess the reliability of our work”, Pachauri noted.

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Whether Pachauri actually means what he said, remains to be seen. When one looks e.g. at this information about the next IPCC report there is reason to be rather sceptical about the new humility.

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A K Haart said...

"we are pleased to receive all new information"

Pleased he may be, but the evidence suggests he and his crew cannot be trusted with it. Time to spend more time with the family.