Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Communist China again shows its true, ugly face

Communist China, the "saviour" of the euro and the EU, has again showed its real, ugly face:

A group of 40 human rights activists, who wanted to see the blind lawyer Chen Guangcheng, were attacked and beaten by more than 100 thugs on Sunday afternoon outside of the village where Chen has been illegally locked up in his house with his family.

Liu Li, one of the activist told Christian Science Monitor´s Peter Ford what happened to him:

“About seven or eight men rushed up to me, kicked me to the ground, stole my cellphone, smashed my ankle and knocked me out,”  “And the police did nothing when I reported what had happened.”

Another activist, Peng Zhonglin, added:

“It was legal for us to visit Chen,” he insisted, “we were beaten illegally but the local and central governments ignore this crime. It’s impossible that the authorities do not know what is happening.”

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European mainstream media seem to be rather disinterested in reporting about the "Free Chen Guangcheng" movement. Could it have something to do with president Sarkozy´s and the other EU-leaders´ hopes that China will save the crisis-ridden eurozone? You do not bite the hand that is expected to feed you.

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