Thursday, 3 November 2011

Durban beach police prepares for arrival of the COP 17 delegates

This - and ten biking cops - is what´s in store for R.K. Pachauri and the rest of  the COP 17 climate  tourists "delegates"

Preparations for the annual UN climate change jamboree COP 17 are are intensifying in Durban. The host city has now proudly announced that it has acquired ten electric bicycles for police officers who patrol along the beachfront area. According to eThekwini mayor James Nxumalo the bicycles have been bought "in a bid to turn it (the city) a bit greener ahead of the COP 17 conference".

Nxumalo said yesterday that apart from trying to reduce carbon emissions, the city also wanted to decrease traffic volumes, especially during peak hours.

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With this kind of impressive projects, surely the big meeting is going to be a huge success. At least those delegates - and there will be a lot of them - who prefer the beach, instead of the conference halls,  will certainly enjoy the sight of  the "green" beach police officers (the "cop 10") on bicycles. Although they should understand that the electricity for the bikes most likely comes from some of  South Africa´s excellent coal power plants.


Another bonus for the Durban climate tourists; they will not be bothered by beggars:

Street children and beggars are being rounded up ahead of the upcoming climate conference, the New Age reported on Wednesday.

The paper quoted the city’s metro police spokesperson Eugene Msomi saying all begging street children and adults would be rounded up because they mugged tourists.

"We often remove them from the streets when there are big events like the World Cup and major conferences, because some of them mug tourists and damage the image of the country," he said.

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