Thursday, 3 November 2011

Vladimir Putin - "wife beater and philanderer"

Do you remember how Putin treated a female journalist, who´s question he did not like?

It is well known, that Russia´s ruler, former second rate KGB spy Vladimir Putin is an extremely unsympatethic man. Now, documents from the archive of BND, Germany´s intelligence agency, show that Putin is also a wife beater and a philanderer.

Vladimir Putin abused his wife and "had numerous sexual affairs" when he was a high-ranking KGB officer in Dresden, German secret service documents have alleged.

The documents from the archive of the BND, Germany's spy agency, paint a dark picture of the Russian prime minister, who plans to return to the presidency next year.
Gathering information through the work of an agent posing as an interpreter for Ludmilla Putina, Mr Putin's wife, the BND heard that the then youthful 33-year-old spy chief was a "wife beater and a philanderer" during his stint in the German city from 1985 to 1990.
The information surfaced in a story run by the newspaper Berliner Zeitung based on documents found by Erich Schmidt-Eenboom, a respected BND expert who has published books and papers on the agency.
Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for the Russian prime minister, dismissed the allegations in the documents, telling the Daily Telegraph that the "stories were complete nonsense."

In a series of meetings with the BND spy at the Putins' prefabricated house on 101 Radebergerstrasse, Mrs Putin, angered by her treatment at the hands of her husband, claimed to be the victim of a man prone to both violence and extramarital affairs.
The German newspaper Bild said the allegations of philandering added substance to long-standing speculation that when the Putins left East Germany in 1990 following the collapse of the Berlin Wall, Vladimir left behind an illegitimate child.

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It is sad that this man will continue as the de facto dictator of Russia after next year´s presidential "elections". Russians deserve better. But, as this blog has pointed out earlier, Putin´s house of cards will crumble, when the shale gas revolution will put an end to Russia´s dominating role as an international energy provider.

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