Friday, 9 March 2012

Another great speech by Daniel Hannan

Daniel Hannan, tory MEP, is without doubt one of the great political orators of our time. His recent speech at the Australian Institute of Public Affairs is further proof of his greatness:

Here is a link to more of Hannan´s speeches.


NNoN said...

Thank you Mr Hannan for your nice tweet, which brought my site quite a number of new visitors!

Daniel Hannan‏@DanHannanMEP

Thanks, Nostradamus.

NNoN said...

Also this related tweet by the "Brussels-based writer and editor" Tony Mallett, who thinks that "Belgium - and presumably the EU - rocks", brought a few visitors:

Tony Mallett‏@tonytippler

@DanHannanMEP Is this you, the blogger, or one of the HUGE number of 12 members of this blog being ironic? Somebody is. :-)

To Mr Mallet:

It is true that my blog for the time being has 12 members - and I am proud of each one. But I can assure that there is a HUGE number of people in the UK and elsewhere in Europe who do NOT think Brussels rocks!