Monday, 5 March 2012

Mauritius will celebrate Earth Hour in grand style - key landmarks will light up!

We are told that preparations for the 2012 Earth Hour celebration in Mauritius are going full steam ahead. This year the Mauritians have decided to celebrate "the largest environmental event in history" in a truly grand way: The official Earth Hour website informs us that the main historical street in the beautiful town of Curepipe and key landmarks will light up at night!

Earth Hour was pioneered by ACM and later on ANPRAS stepped in as a major promoter of the event. The theme “Une Heure pour notre Terre” (literally meaning One Hour for Our Earth) was coined by Dr Raj Chintaram. Mauritius will be organising its 6th consecutive Earth Hour in 2012. The national celebrations, also known as National Earth Hour Mauritius, will be held in the beautiful town of Curepipe where the Queen Elizabeth Avenue (main historical street) and key landmarks will light up at night.

Congratulations Mauritius! Let´s hope your innovative initiative will inspire many other Earth Hour organizers around the Globe to follow your example!

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Tom said...

Excellent idea! I shall adopt this shining example and join them in the celebration.