Saturday, 10 March 2012

China blocking Airbus orders worth $12 billion because of EU´s senseless emission trading scheme

Representatives of the Brussels EU bureaucracy are still insisting that the inclusion of aviation in the European Union´s  senseless emission trading scheme will take place as planned, but - as we have pointed out earlier - this is a fight the "EUSSR" will loose.

Trade war is looming, and China is blocking Airbus orders worth at least $12 billion. And this is just the beginning of a process that is bound to seriously hurt the already now weak EU economy. It cannot take long before saner voices will replace the Connie Hedegaard and the other Brussels climate fanatics:

China is blocking orders for at least $12 billion worth of Airbus jets to protest the European Union's emissions trading fees, in a new challenge to the program aimed at fighting global warming, the planemaker said Thursday.
With some analysts warning of a brewing trade war, Airbus spokesman Stefan Schaffrath said his company is seeing "retaliation threats" from 26 countries, "in particular from China."
Speaking to The Associated Press, he said 35 orders by Chinese airlines for A330 planes are on hold because China's government is refusing to approve them. He said orders for another 10 A380 superjumbos are also under threat, and that the combined list prices of the aircraft is $12 billion.

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