Tuesday, 27 March 2012

"The compost bomb" - The new warmist "tipping point"

The need to continuously invent new "tipping points" seems to be an obsession for the global warming scaremongers. An Australian warmist yesterday introduced the latest one in London:

Speaking at the Planet under Pressure conference in London, Prof Will Steffen, a global change expert from the Australian National University, described the ‘compost bomb’ as one of many “tipping points” in danger of pushing global temperatures beyond dangerous levels.
Almost 3,000 scientists are attending the conference to discuss the threats of global warming and the best way forward.
He said that there is evidence of a ‘compost bomb’ around 55 million years ago that caused a huge amount of carbon to be released into the atmosphere all at once.
Scientists are also investigating whether a ‘compost bomb’ caused the peatland fires around Moscow a couple of years ago.
“We know how the compost bomb process works, we think we have seen it in the past, we just do not know what global warming will trigger it or when it will happen, " he said.
Peter Cox, Professor of Climate System Dynamics at the University of Exeter, explained the process of decomposition kicked off by warmer temperatures.
“But if we are warming the planet too fast then theoretically the soils will warm up like a compost heap, making the microbes work faster and generate yet more heat. This causes heat and gases to build up and an abrupt release of carbon into the atmosphere.”
The compost bomb also causes a positive ‘feedback loop’ as the hotter the soil gets the harder the microbes work, causing yet more heat. Also the gases released cause more global warming.

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3000 scientists from all over the world have taken polluting flights to London in order to listen to this kind of highly speculative "tipping point" talk. (Taxpayers probably have the dubious honour to cover the costs of most participants). In reality, the only "compost bombs" the warmists are faced with in London are the dog droppings in the vicinity of the (five star?) hotels where they are staying. Hopefully they will at least enjoy the sights and sounds of the great city!

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