Saturday, 31 March 2012

Herman van Rompuy gets an award

Students of the Economic Faculty Association of Rotterdam University have granted  the European Union "President" Herman van Rompuy the “World Leader cycle Award”.

It is not quite clear whether Haiku Herman got his prize for of his ability to ride a bike, or perhaps - and this is more likely - because his style of leadership rather well fulfills the definition of a cycle:
"A process that returns to its beginning and repeats itself in the same sequence".

Anyway, the students of the Rotterdam University are to be congratulated for showing a real sense of humour -  a rare faculty in the world of academic faculties today.

In a recorded video message the grateful award winner eloquently elaborated on what it takes to be a great world leader - by describing himself in action:

The oracle in Brussels also gave this prediction:

I´m confident that Europe will overcome the crisis. We will get there, but it takes time.
A few more steps to take this year and next year, and we will see a strengthened Europe, with confidence in the future.

Twelve months from now you will be surprised!" 

Herman van Rompuy may be right about a surprise 12 months from now, but chances are that it will not be the kind of surprise that he is pipe dreaming about.

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A K Haart said...

"Twelve months from now you will be surprised!"

I note the grandiose implication that he knows what the future has in store. Where have we heard that claim before?