Monday, 26 March 2012

Social trend analyst: People are losing interest in Earth Hour and environmentalism

The organizers will probably again declare the annual "Love-in" of the greenies a huge success, but experts do not agree:

ACTIVISTS take part in it, celebrities endorse it and experts are divided about it - Earth Hour is fast approaching and it's expected hundreds of millions of people around the world will be switching off their lights for an hour during this Saturday's event.
But one expert says that locals are actually losing an interest in Earth Hour and environmentalism.
Social trend analyst David Chalke says the "hysteria" generated by celebrity environmentalists like Al Gore over climate change has died down and, as a result, people are less concerned about the environment.
"What people are genuinely much more concerned with is practical solutions rather than symbolism.
"We're far more concerned about the economy. Are we going to have a job?"
Monash University's director of environmental sustainability Paul Barton said the public was tired of environmental issues.
"The general public has moved away from recognising and supporting Earth Hour. I think there's an aspect of fatigue around environmental issues. "We've been debating climate change, the carbon tax and the environment for five years now," Mr Barton said.
He said the waning interest was also due to a fall in the public advertising campaign by organisers.

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