Sunday, 29 April 2012

Barroso and van Rompuy to "recapture that golden era of flight"

This "test flight" on board the brand new Falcon 7X probably convinced the EU high fliers. (Is it J.M. Barroso, who is boarding the jet?)

The bigwigs in Brussels have recently been busy prescribing all kinds of  adversity measures to European taxpayers. But when it comes to their own luxury lifestyle, all those unpleasantries are quickly forgotten. Now we read about the deal to spend almost €13 million of taxpayers' money on private jets to whisk the EU's top officials around the globe in luxury.

The Office for Administration and Payment of Individual Entitlements (of the EC) has decided/published  today the “non-scheduled air-taxi transport services for  the President or other members of the European Commission, for the European Parliament Presidency, for the President of the European Council, for the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, and any accompanying persons and their luggage to be provided by the Abelag Aviation NV, Zaventem, Belgium. There was only one offer in the tender.
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Barroso, van Rompuy, Schulz and The Baroness Ashton of Upholland will certainly be transported in style to their "next meeting or adventure", if we are to believe how the private jet company describes their future flights:

Airline services are full of restrictions: limited destinations, imposed schedules, burdensome administration and daunting security measures. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to recapture that golden era of flight?

Personalized service– including your favorite meals and beverages, publications, on-board entertainment and productivity tools

While you’re preparing your next meeting or adventure, our handling crew is working quietly behind the scenes, securing your luggage and refueling and cleaning the aircraft in preparation for your flight.

Isn´t it wonderful that our unelected leaders even have "productivity tools" at their disposal, when they are spending time somewhere there in the skies above us! Who knows, maybe the tools will inspire our poet president van Rompuy to write even better haikus for the citizens to enjoy. 

On longer journeys - like to the forthcoming Rio+20 Earth Summit  - the preferred jet for the EU "stakeholders" will most likely be the new Falcon 7X

A late breakfast served for Barroso - or the Baroness

The Falcon 7X also pushes back every limits in terms or range, system technology and comfort onboard.
With a range of 11 000 km, the Falcon 7X can easily reach Los Angeles, Tokyo, Johannesburg or Rio de Janeiro from Brussels direct. The aircraft is a three-engine jet. A technical feature which allows it to get rid of the operational limitation that are imposed to the twin-jets notably for the oversea flights (the so-called ETOPS ops). Our new Falcon 7X will be able to accommodate up to 13 passengers. A total of 6 beds can be fitted for long overnight flights. The aircraft also offers provision for a pilot’s rest. The cabin is what you can expect from a Falcon jet : top of the range finishing and unbeatable comfort.

On shorter day trips this jet will probably be the Baroness Ashton of Upholland´s preferred transportation: 

Abelag is proud to announce that it has taken delivery of its third Phenom 100. Abelag’s fleet of brand-new Phenom aircraft have been a commercial success thanks to their modern, BMW-designed cabin interiors, which perfectly suit a new category of style-conscious clients.
Bon voyage! 

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