Thursday, 3 May 2012

Greenpeace "activists" arrested in Sweden and Finland

Finnish and Swedish Police have done the only right thing: 

Swedish police said they arrested six Greenpeace activists who boarded an icebreaker in the Baltic Sea Thursday in a bid to block plans by Anglo Dutch giant Shell to drill for oil in the Arctic.
The activists, who boarded the Finnish icebreaker Nordica, were arrested for "aggravated trespassing and criminal conversion," police said in a statement.
The Nordica is under contract to Shell with another icebreaker, the Fennica, to provide support for an operation to drill five exploratory wells in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas respectively, Greenpeace says.

According to local officials, Swedish authorities boarded the icebreaker at around 8:30 am. They had arrested one of the activists, but the five others had remained chained to the vessel until the ship was piloted into port in the southeastern town of Karlskrona.
Finnish police said 40 Greenpeace demonstrators were detained Tuesday after they tried to block it from leaving Helsinki.

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Now Finnish and Swedish courts must see to it, that the arrested "activists" will have to compensate Shell for the costs and and delays they have caused. 

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