Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The solar bubble bursts - also in the UK

Solar power is in steep decline, also in the UK:

Solar panel installations have fallen by almost 90% in the weeks since the government halved cut the subsidy available, according to Department of Energy and Climate Change figures.

The UK figures should not come as a surprise to anybody. They just confirm what has been known for long: When Green taxes and subsidies are cut, the renewables die. 

The solar industry is in a global decline as governments have cut taxes and subsidies. This is a sound development:  The sooner we get rid of the "green" solar bubble, the better. 

There is more than enough of affordable and dependable energy  available - e.g. conventional and unconventional gas and oil - for future needs, both in the UK and elsewhere. That is also where the real jobs are. 

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