Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Cameron´s energy transition policy even worse than the German one?

There are many cases of governments and parliaments agreeing on something they have no idea about. This appears to be the case when the UK parliament - apparently soon - is going to agree on the British version of Germany´s "Energiewende": 

One could easily overlook it, amidst all the talk about the German "Energiewende", but the UK too has announced a very ambitious "decarbonisation" plan. Indeed, the UK government's draft Energy Bill, introduced in May, has broad political support and is expected to pass into law in the second half of this year.

Energy analyst Jonathan Lane, writing in the European Energy Review, appears to understand the problems with the legislation, but he thinks that there is no choice because of the Cameron governments "decarbonisation agenda": 

Some of the key provisions of the UK government's draft energy bill, released in May 2012, have come under sharp criticism. This applies in particular to the new scheme aimed at supporting investment in low-carbon generation (nuclear power and renewable energy), which will give producers government-guaranteed prices for their output. Yet, according to independent energy analyst Jonathan Lane, the government has little choice but to go ahead with its plan if it is to deliver on its decarbonisation agenda. The main problem will be in getting the details right once the bill is passed in the second half of 2012.

There is an excellent comment on the Lane article, which I think pretty well sums up what the British "Energiewende" is all about:

"The main policy goals of the EMR are to help the UK reach its 80% decarbonisation target by 2050 ambitions and to ensure that 15% of its electricity is generated from renewable sources by 2020." 

What a farce this whole thing is. MP's have absolutely no idea about that on which they are voting. There is no chance of achieving these crazy, nonsensical targets and absolutely no reason for even attempting to do so.

The "Carbon Scam" is daily shown to be just that, as more evidence emerges that the computer models are wrong and CO2 is not cooking the planet, nor will it ever do so. A cap on emissions is simply to freeze out coal, whilst the Chinese are using it with gay abandon.

The imposition of a floor price on CO2, for that is what it is, not "carbon", is simply to gurantee profits for the vested interests that are running UK policy.

When the chairman of the Climate Change Committee, John Gummer, is also chairman of the wind consortium, Forewind and the chairman of the commons Climate Change Committee, Tim Yeo, is chairman of the Renewable Energy Association and the author of the Stern Review which has guided government policy, is involved in carbon trading via Idea Carbon, how then can the UK have an objective energy policy?

When was conflict of interest re-written so that it became mandatory that anyone on a government committee must have a financial interest in the results of their deliberations.

"Decarbonisation" is a foolish ideological policy, with no future except the imposition of even more costs on an unaware public. How laughable are the liittle chimney fans on the Crawley photograph, I expect they may power the odd light bulb, but the rest of us are paying for this madness.
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Surely there must be some sane people - including politicians - in the UK who will stop this madness! If not now, then at the next general election. 

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