Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Our forebears lived in peaceful harmony with nature - or did they?

The so-called “developed” countries must reduce their levels of over-consumption to reestablish harmony among human beings and with nature, allowing for the sustainable development of all developing countries. 
Harmony with Nature
 Resolution approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations

Before the introduction of the ecologically degrading, evil capitalist system of production, humans lived in peaceful harmony with nature. Except that before our forebears reached this state of harmony, they had to fix the Neanderthal problem:

The recent news coming from scientists seems to confirm suspicions about "social Darwinism." Modern man or homo sapiens outperformed, out-maneuvered and outright slaughtered the less advanced Neanderthals. A study of volcanic ash suggests that it was this factor, and not the ice age, that led to the extinction of this forerunner of humanity. 
"Neanderthal extinction in Europe was not associated with the CI eruption," researchers from an international team led by Professor John Lowe from Royal Holloway, University of London say.

"Our evidence indicates that, on a continental scale, modern humans were a greater competitive threat to indigenous populations than the largest known volcanic eruption in Europe, even if combined with the deleterious effects of climate cooling.

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