Sunday, 22 July 2012

Global warming: Psychologists busy finding ways to manipulate people

You cannot blame warmists for not trying. 
Scores of well funded psychologists in a great number of universities are now busy trying to find ways how to manipulate people in order to make them more receptive to global warming propaganda. That is the unintended gist of a New York Times Opinion Pages article, which includes this revealing finding: 

Sometimes, when forming our opinions, we grasp at whatever information presents itself, no matter how irrelevant. A new study by the psychologist Nicolas Guéguen, published in last month’s Journal of Environmental Psychology, found that participants seated in a room with a ficus tree lacking foliage were considerably more likely to say that global warming was real than were those in a room with a ficus tree that had foliage.

It is good to keep this study in mind when reading about new global warming opinion polls - done in the middle of a heatwave - like the one recently published by the University of Texas. 

Fortunately, the global warming manipulators also are faced with one big problem in the US, which they have not been able to solve: Republicans (who are not as easily manipulated as democrats). 

While concern about warming crosses party lines, the intensity is sharply different. More than half of Democrats say it will be "very serious" if no action is taken, compared with 23 percent of Republicans

It is also important to understand that climate change polls are not always done by "neutral" pollsters. This is e.g. what the University of Texas poll director had to say:

While the survey didn’t ask about the causes of climate change, Sheril Kirshenbaum, the poll director, said “there is no debate” that man-made carbon emissions are warming the planet. “We need to get beyond arguing if it’s occurring and start developing policies to adapt to extreme weather events and rising sea levels,” she said in an e-mail.

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Dan Pangburn said...

Those who are paying attention are aware that the planet stopped getting warmer over a decade ago.