Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Great news: "Largest ever cereal harvest predicted this year"

Wasn´t global warming supposed to lead to greatly diminished harvests and global food scarcity? 

Well, tell this to Bill McKibben, Al Gore and the other scarmongers:

"Largest ever cereal harvest predicted this year"

The world is expected to harvest the largest ever crop of cereals in 2012-13 according to an estimate released by the UN affiliated Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) recently. It is estimated that this year's world cereal production will be a record 2371 million tonnes, marking a 1 percent, or 27 million tonnes increase over 2011. 

India is forecast to produce a bumper harvest of 234.4 million tonnes of cereals, up from last year's 232.3 million tonnes. Wheat production is expected to grow marginally from 86.9 million tonnes last year to 88.3 million tonnes this year and rice from 103.4 million tonnes to 105 million tonnes. 

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