Monday, 9 July 2012

Megalomaniac global warming project in the Australian Bush

Global warming alarmists love to peddle false information about the "huge big oil funding" available for "climate deniers". Instead they should perhaps take a look at their own funding, which makes the modest resources available for "sceptics" pale. This brand new megalomaniac project in Australia is just one example:

Nine storey cranes and 28 metre high ring structures in native bushland that can produce the elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations predicted for later this century are among the state-of-the-art research facilities to be officially opened today (April 4, NNoN) by Senator Chris Evans at the University of Western Sydney’s Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment.

The unique research facilities, which are among the largest and most complex in the world, allow scientists to create future climatic conditions, including elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, higher temperatures and changed rainfall patterns.

The Institute’s research facilities were developed as a result of a $40 million grant from the Australian Government as part of its Education Investment Fund, together with funding from the University of Western Sydney.


While money is flowing to completely useless global warming projects, ordinary Australians are struggling to pay the new carbon tax, a unique Australian invention introduced by the Gillard goverment:
High cost and nil effect: that's our carbon tax
The Australian carbon tax is a species orphan, the Collins-class submarine of global environmental policy. It is environmentally inconsequential, economically costly, administratively nightmarish and unlike anything else in the world. Policy folly that it is, the Gillard government would still have a better chance of selling it if it occasionally told the truth about it.

Greg Sheridan, Foreign editor, The Australian

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A K Haart said...

The chances of them discovering that CO2 isn't causing significant global warming are nil.