Sunday, 30 September 2012

Australia´s Queensland government shows how to deal with Greenpeace

The Queensland government in Australia shows how to deal with Greenpeace

"The Queensland government places no weight on any report that Greenpeace prepares.
''They are scaremongers of the first order and never let the facts get in the way of their predetermined views," Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development Jeff Seeney said.
He said the development of the Galilee Basin was vital to Queensland´s economic future, and it would be done in a balanced way.
He noted the government had already scaled back the Abbot Point coal port, and limited rail corridors from the basin to coal ports to two, and not six as Labor had proposed.
"Queenslanders can be assured that while providing for development we will require mining companies to pursue world´s best practice and ensure that the environment is protected," he said.

Also the Queensland Resources Council knows how to handle Greenpeace reports: 

The Queensland Resources Council also dismissed the report, calling it a "comic book".
QRC chief executive Michael Roche said the coal industry had only managed to grow exports by 71 million tonnes over the past 13 years.
"Greenpeace would have people believe that coal exports will grow by a further 891 million tonnes over the next decade," he said in a statement.
"Greenpeace has the industry growing more than six-fold."
Mr Roche said more credible forecasts came from the federal government¡¯s Bureau of Resource and Energy Economics, which reported the outlook for 2020 at 327 million tonnes.
"Who is the public to believe, the independent experts at BREE or the people from the scary monsters unit at Greenpeace, an organisation committed to shutting down the Australian coal industry," he asked.
Dr Nikki Williams, chief executive of the Australian Coal Association said: "Greenpeace is plunging its head in the sandpit, ignoring the reality of global energy demand.
"Their latest missive is an instalment in their agenda to cripple the coal export industry, exposed by Australian media in March this year."

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Finally there are politicians who are prepared to stand up against the Greenpeace enviro-fundamentalists. Politicians elsewhere should learn from their colleagues in Queensland!

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