Tuesday, 2 October 2012

UK professor in the alarmist Guardian: "We' re lucky to be enjoying a brief, balmy interglacial"

I could not believe my eyes when I first read it in the Guardian/Observer, the European flagship of global warming alarmism:  An article about climate change in which catastrophic human caused global warming is not  mentioned at all! 

But there it was, written by a renowned university professor: 

Radical temperature fluctuations are a fact of life on Earth, and we're lucky to be enjoying a brief, balmy interglacial. But look out when it stops…

So here we are, in an interglacial. It's sobering to remember that this is just a brief interlude. Some time fairly soon, we'll probably begin the descent into a long glacial winter again. When that happens, all the temperate-adapted animals that currently range widely across the northern hemisphere will clear out of the far north. Ice sheets will grow down over North America and northern Europe again. Our civilisations have grown up in this unseasonably stable (and already overlong) warm interglacial. We've grown a huge global population in this favourable climate. It will be even more difficult to support such a massive number of people when the world becomes colder and drier again.
But for those cold-adapted animals that are currently hanging out in Arctic refugia, things will look up. If polar bears manage to cling on, there'll be much more room for them in the next glaciation.
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The Guardian's guardians of their "holy AGV grail" must have been on vacation when University of Birmingham professor Alice Roberts provided her excellent article. 
One thing is certain, however. We will not read anything written by professor Roberts in the Guardian anytime soon.

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A K Haart said...

The comments are interesting. Some true believers almost seem to be hoping that CO2 will merely save us from cooling rather than cause more warming.