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Oxford professor mesmerizes "progressive" theater audiences with one-man global warming and overpopulation show

"Ten Billion isn’t quite a play but it’s certainly the most scary show in London"
Mail on Sunday

The winners of UK Theatre Awards 2012 will be announced on October 28. In the category "Best Horror Performance" Oxford professor Stephen Emmott, head of Microsoft's Computational Science Laboratory, should easily be the winner. Emmott's one-man show "Ten Billion", devised by theater director Katie Mitchell, has had a successful two-week run at the Royal Court Theater in London.

Liberal and "progressive" audiences were apparently mesmerized by professor Emmott's tale of an "unprecedented planetary emergency" (due to human induced global warming and overpopulation):

“I’m here because I’m concerned,” the computer scientist began his presentation in somber tones to hushed, expectant audiences in London. “I’m concerned about the state of the planet.”
He proceeded to narrate his vision of a world that is a “living hell” in which we are at war over land, food, and water as a world population of 10 billion scrabbles over resources.
Indeed, migration will be motivated not by choice or economic necessity by the end of the century, but by human survival.
“By 2100, the terms ‘climate conflict,’ ‘water wars,’ and ‘resource conflict’ will become highly likely in parts of the world,” Emmott told CNBC. “I envisage a world of severe land, agricultural and water stress as a result of population growth, land degradation, and climate change.”
Emmott believes global average temperatures could rise by as much as 6 degrees Celsius (around 11 degrees Fahrenheit) by 2100, an “utterly catastrophic” possibility.

As people flee to cooler climes, Britain will develop militarized borders to stave off mass immigration. “Climate migrant” could become an everyday term, he said.
Indeed, "we are screwed” when the world population hits 10 billion unless we stop having children and curb our rampant use of energy and water, Emmott said, reeling off everyday facts to exemplify the energy use we take for granted every day.
The production of a single cup of coffee requires 100 liters (26 gallons) of water, while a chocolate bar draws upon 27,000 liters (7,132 gallons). Even a simple computer search for consumes the same energy as boiling a kettle.
“People say we can ‘technologize’ our way out of this, but I am unconvinced of this ... to avoid some catastrophic outcome, we are going to radically change the way we live, and our economies, principally, consuming much, much less."
He added: "[I’m not] confident at all, to be honest.”

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If professor Emmott's chocolate bar computation is true, Greenpeace, the Friends of the Earth and other envirofundamentalist NGO's should immediately stop their campaigns against fracking (which they are blaming for wasteful use of water) and start a global anti-chocolate movement instead. After all, the water needed for fracking pales in comparison with the production of choco bars!

Of course Dr. Emmott's show also has an official sponsor, the European Commission, an institution that lavishly supports almost any project featuring human caused "climate change" .  

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