Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The European Commission tries to re-brand its global warming propaganda

The European Union is in the middle of its worst financial crisis so far, but that does not stop the European Commission from wasting taxpayers' money, particularly when it comes to the commission's pet project, combating imaginary human caused climate change. Now, when the commission has noted that the usual scaremongering does not work, it thinks that the propaganda should be re-branded. The EU warmists are now pouring money into a campaign called "Worldulike". Have look at the webpage, and you will realize that also this project is nothing but an enormous waste of money:

An EU-wide campaign has been launched by the EC to re-brand the issue of climate change from “doom and gloom” to a more hopeful outlook.
The campaign is aimed at showing how low-carbon solutions can improve quality of life. But the EC believes that policies to cut greenhouse gases and reverse climate change will only work if members of the public share in the vision.
The campaign, titled ‘Worldulike’, is being transmitted through the commission’s website. It also has social media platforms on Twitter and Facebook in order to attract as wide an audience as possible.
Spaces have been created online to showcase positive examples of tackling climate change throughout Europe. These include schemes to use excess body heat from one building to warm another in Sweden, and allowing neighbours to use your car in the UK.
The campaign follows on from past criticisms that politicians have failed to show the public how climate policies could make their own lives better, as well as reducing planetary risk.
The EU Climate Commissioner, Connie Hedegaard, said climate policies would cut local pollution, reduce dependency on fossil fuel imports and improve resource efficiency. She also claims it could also make people fitter, by encouraging walking and cycling as transport alternatives.
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