Friday, 12 October 2012

The smile of a Nobel laureate

Former maoist Barroso: "I have to say that when I wake up this morning, I not expected to be such a good day." 

A bunch of Norwegian socialists, led by former prime minister Thorbjoern Jagland, has awarded the once highly regarded Nobel Peace Prize to the EUSSR, also know as the European Union. What a joke!

The European Union has transformed most of Europe "from a continent of wars to a continent of peace," Nobel Committee chairman Jagland said when he announced the award in Oslo

Yes, we have fortunately had no major wars in Europe after WW II, but there is not a shred of real, hard evidence for the claim - so often spread by the Brussels nomenklatura -  that this has been because of the European Union.

If the Norwegians on the Nobel Committee had been honest, they should of course have awarded the peace prize to the country that during the cold war secured peace in Europe and still is the ultimate guarantor of security in Europe (through NATO) - the US.

Besides, it is interesting to note that the Norwegians themselves have chosen to stay outside of this great EU peace project.

The prize money will probably be used to printing new business cards for thousands of Brussels bureaucrats, who now will be able to call themselves "Nobel laureates".

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