Monday, 18 March 2013

Burglars busy planning 2013 Earth Hour activities

Tools for Earth Hour activities.

Representatives for the only group of people worldwide actually benefiting from the Earth Hour, are reportedly busy with the final planning and preparations for their 2013 Earth Hour activities. 

The Earth Hour organizers and their followers in the western MSM have chosen not to report on these activities, but the police director in Davao in the Philippines volunteered this:

"Even when the lights are on at home these robbers still manage to do their thing. How much more if the lights are off"

De la Rosa also appealed to residents to avoid wearing jewelries, or bringing valuable stuffs outside their house if it is unnecessary so as not to attract the attention of criminal elements.

De la Rosa reminded everyone on the danger of attracting thieves during the Earth Hour, citing previous cases of robbery, theft and burglary victimizing unattended houses where the inhabitants are all busy with their personal schedules.
No wonder then that burglars and other criminals, who for the time being happen to be behind bars, are eagerly embracing this annual celebration of darkness:
“Earth Hour +”, the 60-minute world-wide observance of cutting down on fossil fuel use, has become a tradition of sorts for inmates of the Baguio city jail.

As cities around the world prepare to plunge in darkness for at least an hour beginning 8:30 p.m. of March 23, the prisoners and their guards plan to switch off an hour earlier to keep their four-year record of going at least two hours.

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