Sunday, 17 March 2013

China's new leaders vow to fight corruption: "Time" will tell, whether they succeed

China's new leaders have promised to fight corruption

President Xi Jinping told the nearly 3,000 delegates gathered at Beijing's hulking Great Hall of the People that his government would "resolutely reject formalism, bureaucratism, hedonism and extravagance, and resolutely fight against corruption and other misconduct in all manifestations."--

Shortly afterward, freshly appointed Premier Li Keqiang said the central government would slash its payroll and freeze spending on overseas trips, guest houses, office buildings and new vehicles in response to falling revenues.--

Niu Jun, a scholar at Peking University's School of International Relations, said Xi and Li hit on topics familiar to a Chinese public that has grown weary of promises to fight inefficiency, corruption and waste.
"I don't have terribly high expectations for these new pledges," he said.

Maybe we should say, that time will tell, how well the latest campaign against corruption will succeed:


Corrupt politicians and officials seem to share the same interest in watches also in a neighboring country:

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