Saturday, 23 March 2013

Greens want to put the climate of Switzerland on the UNESCO World Heritage list

The Swiss climate soon on the UNESCO World Heritage list?

We all know that the Swiss enjoy their beautiful snow covered mountain tops and sunny green valleys - almost as much as some of the world's richest people enjoy having a Swiss bank account. 

And who would not want to protect the unique Swiss landscape and scenery? However, the latest action by the Swiss Young Greens party (Die Jungen Grünen Schweiz) could perhaps be considered to be a bit over the (alp)top.

The Jungen Grünen are now busy collection signatures for a petition asking the Swiss government to start working for the Swiss climate to be put on the list of UNESCO World Heritage natural sites!

The World Heritage listing would, according to the Swiss greenies, make it easier to save the Swiss climate for "our children" and to fight the threat of global warming. 

It is well known that UNESCO - like many of the other UN organizations - is now safely in the hands of the leftist global warming alarmist crowd, which is why we may very well see the Swiss climate on the World Heritage list in the not too distant future. After that victory, the next project for the Jungen Grünen will probably be to start collecting names for the Swiss Cuckoo Clock to be put on the UN List of Endangered Species

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A K Haart said...

Quite batty, but it doesn't matter in a world addicted to stunts.