Monday, 6 June 2016

David Cameron desperate as the Leave camp surges: "Leaving the EU would detonate a bomb under the British economy"

As polls suggest that the Brexit camp is in the lead, David Cameron seems to be desperate. After talk about WW3 and a global Bexit recession he now tries to scare voters by more war rhetoric:

Leaving the EU would detonate a bomb under the British economy, David Cameron has said as he joined with Labour, Lib Dem and Green politicians to argue that the leave campaign was being reckless with people’s futures. --
“Don’t throw away your job, don’t throw away your children’s futures, don’t throw away the strength and future of our country on the basis of misleading statistics peddled by a campaign determined to say anything and indeed everything to get the outcome they want,” he said. “That is what is happening. Do not be misled. Do not let them persuade you of this reckless course for our country.”
He said there would be a recession, years of uncertainty and weaker trade in the event of Brexit, and the leave campaign had failed to set out how it would deal with those consequences.
“Add those things together – the shock impact, the uncertainty impact, the trade impact – and you put a bomb under our economy,” he said. “And the worst thing is we’d have lit the fuse ourselves.”

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