Friday, 10 June 2016

Energy Secretary Amber Rudd on Britain´s "leading role" in the EU

In the ITV EU referendum debate last night, Energy Secretary Amber Rudd - looking and sounding more like a Marxist suffragette than a Conservative - accused the Leave side of using lies and "cons".

However, this credulous believer in human induced catastrophic global warming "forgot" to mention what the reality behind Britain´s "leading role" actually means:

As David Cameron’s Cabinet colleagues fan out across the media to tell us how catastrophic it would be for Britain to leave the EU, one minister is in a class of her own. It may not be surprising that Amber Rudd, as the sister of Roland Rudd – one of the leading lobbyists for Britain to stay in the EU – is a keen Europhile. But when our Energy and Climate Change Secretary claims, in a Daily Telegraph interview, that it would be bad for Britain’s energy security and costs to be excluded from our leading role in the EU’s “energy market”, we have to ask what game she is playing.
She obviously hopes we will not notice that the only thing which gives Britain a “leading role” in this respect is that we already have an energy policy quite different from anyone else’s. We are the only country committed (by the Climate Change Act) to cutting our “CO2 emissions” by a staggering 80 per cent within 34 years.
It is all very well her calling on our energy suppliers to cut their bills at a time when oil prices are continuing to fall. But everything she is doing to meet that target is destined to push those bills ever higher.

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