Saturday, 11 June 2016

Frederick Forsyth on the Remain camp leaders: "avoiding any mention of sovereignity or independence"

Frederick Forsyth´s description of the Remain campaign leaders is worth reading:

The more I study the Remain campaign and its leading figures, the more it seems the entire leadership of it is centred in the Westminster-Whitehall-City triangle. Let me call it the London Bubble.
They all know each other, these London-based mandarins. Politicos, bureaucrats, diplomats, quangocrats and lawyers; bankers, financiers, tycoons, profiteers and city slickers. Add the attendant journos and broadcasters who have abandoned their duty to hold establishment to account and found it more chummy to join it.
You see their faces coming up on programme after programme, panel after panel, debate after debate. You see them mouthing the same rubbish about trade and prosperity and avoiding any mention of sovereignty or independence.

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