Monday, 3 January 2011

The climate alarmists are waiting for a "new Messiah" to replace Gore

Der Spiegel has an interesting article about what the climate alarmists are planning to do in their more and more desperate fight to get attention for their losing propaganda campaign. One bright idea, proposed by a leading German environmental scientist, is to have a new messiah. Al Gore is not good enough anymore:

  • The search for a new messiah: Just as Martin Luther King Jr. awakened the civil rights movement, the climate cause needs its own messiah, says environmental researcher Andreas Ernst from Kassel University. That messiah's analogous message might run along the lines of, "I had a nightmare," Ernst suggests. Al Gore, who won a Nobel Peace Prize for his film that jolted viewers out of their climate complacency, seemed to be successfully fulfilling this role for a while, but he has since all but disappeared from the public eye.

  • Read the article here.


    If you are seriously interested in the new job, may I suggest that you contact professor Ernst at the University of Kassel:

    Ernst, Andreas
    Prof. Dr., Executive Director of the Center, Head of the SESAM Group

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