Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Sweden first to recognise that Belgium is a failed state

The Swedish government has obviously realised that Belgium is a failed state. Consequently the government on December 22 announced that it will close the Embassy of Sweden in Brussels during 2011.

Indeed, why should Sweden have an embassy in a country that a few days earlier was described in this way by one of its leading politicians:

BRUSSELS (AFP) – Flemish nationalist leader Bart De Wever called Belgium a failed state with a French-speaking region addicted to subsidies, sparking a war of words Monday in stalled government talks.
The kingdom's linguistic and financial fault line, splitting wealthier Dutch-speaking Flanders and francophone Wallonia, appeared far from closing as Belgium marked Monday six months without a government since June 13 elections, a stalemate that has unnerved the markets.

New Flemish Alliance leader De Wever, who wants greater autonomy for Flanders and power over the public purse, accused socialist-led French-speakers of blocking "sensible" reforms in an interview with a German magazine.
"This is why I say that Belgium no longer works. It is a nation that has failed," the nationalist leader told Der Spiegel in an interview published on Monday.
"Ultimately the Belgian state has no future," he said.

It would not be surprising if a number of other countries join Sweden on this matter in the near future.

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