Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Join the Heat Ball movement!

 A HEATBALL® is not a light bulb, but fits into the same socket!

As most of us know, the European Union has made the incredibly stupid decision to ban the use of ordinary
incandescent light bulbs. That decision will probably not be changed for a while, but do not despair. You will hopefully be able to buy Heat Balls instead. This brilliant new invention, is technically very similar - one could even say identical - to a light bulb, but it is a heater rather than a source of light. Thus the it is not affected by the EU ban. Heat Balls conveniently fit into the commonly found E27 and E14 sockets, which of course is very practical.

The Heat Ball is a an efficient source of heat in all kind of houses, particularly in environmentally friendly passive houses:

In passively heated houses, light bulbs are a substantial source of heat. When these are substituted with energy saving lamps, the missing heat has to be introduced by other means..

There is also a serious message behind the Heat Ball project:

A heatball is electrical resistance, used as a heater. Heatball is a campaign. Heatball is an opposition against regulations being passed that bluntly ignore the most basic democratic principles as well as bypassing parliamentary procedures, effectively muzzling the common law man. Heatball also resists unreasonable measures supposedly protecting our natural environment. How can we be made to believe that using energy saving lamps will save our planet, while at the same time the rain forests have been waiting in vain for decades for effective sustainable protection?

More information about Heat Balls here.

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