Thursday, 6 January 2011

"France is the Empire of Evil in terms of technology theft"

Germany´s closest EU ally France  "is the Empire of Evil in terms of technology theft, and Germany knows it". The quote by Berry Smutny, the head of German satellite company OHB Technology, is from a wikileaked American diplomatic cable published by the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. France is according to US diplomats the country that conducts the most industrial espionage on other European countries. "French espionage is so widespread that the damages (it causes) the German economy are larger as a whole than those caused by China or Russia," another diplomatic cable notes.

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So much for EU solidarity!
No wonder Russia has agreed so many major arms deals with France recently. The Russians get all the important European technology from the French. Thus industrial espionage in Europe is now less of a priority for GRU and other Russian spy agancies. This allows the Russians to concentrate their vast spying activities on other geographical areas, like the US.

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