Monday, 31 January 2011

Egypt: EU in action

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The wheels of the awesome European Union foreign policy machinery have finally started to roll with regard to the events in Egypt. The EU "president", Belgian Herman Van Rompuy, also known as "Haiku Herman", has issued the following stern "statement":

"Since the events in Tunisia, I am following with great attention the developments in the region,"

People in Europe and Egypt have no need to worry. "Haiku Herman" is paying attention.

The "foreign minister" of the "soft super power" EU, Labour Lady Ashton, today contributed with this awesome statement:

"There needs to be a peaceful dialogue, an open dialogue to actually move forward,"
"We have worked closely with Egypt over many years to offer international support and we will be there for the short, medium and long term to help build democracy, the rule of law, all of those values coming into action."

Yes, for sure the EU has "worked closely with Egypt over many years", but why is it only now, when the Egyptian people have taken matters in their own hands, that the EU is beginning to talk about "building democracy, the rule of law and all those values"?

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