Friday, 4 February 2011

Texas powerless after ice storm - Mexico unable to help

The huge ice storm affecting great areas of the US has caused rolling blackouts in the state of Texas. The lone star state had hoped to get power from neighbouring Mexico, but now the Mexicans say that they cannot help, becouse they also are freezing ....

And remember, according to the Nobel laureate Al Gore, this is all because of global warming ...

MEXICO CITY — Mexico said Thursday it was temporarily suspending an offer to provide electricity to Texas to help the U.S. state weather an ice storm that forced rolling blackouts, because of severe cold in Mexico's own territory.
Mexico's Federal Electricity Commission had said Wednesday it had agreed to transmit 280 megawatts of electricity to Texas.
But on Thursday, the commission said it was temporarily suspending the transfer because below-freezing temperatures in northern Mexico have caused some damage to the generating capacity of its own plants, causing some power outages in several parts of Chihuahua state and a reduction of about 3,800 megawatts in generation.

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